MSC Bellissima Review

MSC Bellissima
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My Cabin attendant has been amazing. 

When we arrived to our room after boarding the room was immaculate.

  • Absolutely everything was in its place
  • There was not any dust anywhere in the room
  • Every time the room was serviced we were given clean towels and room was wiped down
  • Attention to detail was definitely present. Items were organized and items of clothing were even folded
  • All of our requests were addressed with a smile and things like having ice when we returned in the evening was always there after the first day of making the request.

Guest Services was disappointing but I am finding this is the case across cruise lines these days. 

There was a diamond in the sea of the team that helped me but most of the people I spoke to seemed to go out of their way to make things difficult. On one occasion when we first arrived I asked for an extra key for the room. Due to some medical needs, I have to keep the room in a temperature zone so not having AC at a basic level and having to cool off the room after a day at port inflames some things I am challenged with. Well, they gave me a key but deactivated the key they gave me when I arrived. The key that they gave me was a diamond black key because of my status. Since it was deactivated I would need to use the other key when going around the ship or getting off / on. Because he made a regular key I could not use any of the perks of my status and had to go back and stand in line to have them correct this. 



Something I did not notice right away but it great is the touchscreen units that can be found outside the elevators. These systems can definitely help you find things on the ship and gives you how to get there. With the naming of the ship and lack of clear signage these makeup for that you just need to know to look for them.


Drink package was not covered in specialty restaurants so there is additional cost there in addition to the speciality restaurant cost. 

The food was very consistent in taste and presentation and was a 10 in my mind. We had meals at speciality restaurants and many of the other options as well as room service and we did not have a bad food experience once. 

The ship is very beautiful and elegant. The team that cares for the common areas throughout the ship do a great job in keeping it clean and inviting. I was plesently surprised with the size of the ship and the number of passengers I expected to find areas that were less then what I expected but that was not the case. Throughout the week I never saw an area that looked like it had been neglected or needed attention with trash or even chairs our of place. 

Boarding the ship was chaotic. I am a Diamond/Black member with MSC and as a result, I have access to a number of perks like boarding lanes. When I arrived at the ship the boarding area for Diamond/Black members was closed and everyone was in one large line. The signage was difficult to follow and there were not any people to help direct guests. 

As you go through the boarding process the problem with signage and people to help guide continued so this was a challenge through the entire boarding process.

Having the self-service machines to add a credit card and initial deposit was nice but using them was not straight forward and was confusing. The people that were in the kiosk area were very abrupt.

I have some health issues and the staff was really great. They checked in with me daily to make sure I was okay and asked if I needed anything. I have never had a cruise ship crew do this on any other line and really made me feel good that they cared and were paying attention which was really good to know.



So as I have shared this was not what I expected in some areas but other areas like the cabin staff and food were amazing. As I shared with people that I have helped with travel plans in different parts of the world you have to go with the right expectations. With that said I am not sure if what I saw as lack of customer service was just what is to be expected in this part of the world and how people are and is not disrespect or lack of service. So I am looking forward to my next MSC experience aboard the Seaside which sails from the US. That will give me a great way to compare the ships and crew and have much more insight into this line. So stay tuned.