Corporate Meetings at Sea

As companies look toward 2020 and planning, I wanted to reach out with an inspirational idea for a Corporate Meeting venue. Cruises have long been a preferred type of luxurious, all-inclusive travel that allows guests to relax at sea and hop from country to country with everything provided at their fingertips. These floating resorts have served passengers with economical all-inclusive vacation packages. Cruise ships are fast becoming a venue for corporate meetings that are inspirational and economical.

Imagine sitting at a conference roundtable and being able to look out on the turquoise sea for inspiration. At lunch, you steal away to sunbathe on deck. That night, after a featured speaker presentation, you'll watch a cabaret. Tomorrow, you'll spend a few hours on Grand Cayman.

This is what a corporate retreat should look like, some meeting planners say, and companies, large and small, are catching on. When you choose to host a company event on a cruise ship you will have access to amenities you might not otherwise afford within your budget for a retreat-- nightly entertainment, happy hours, floral arrangements, audio/visual equipment, and personally chosen meals rather than preplanned banquet platters.

#1. A Cruise Offers Pre-Made Experiences

Sometimes the most challenging thing about planning an event or meeting is simply coming up with things to do. Planning a meeting on a cruise ship means that there is a huge variety of activities that are already in place and part of the all-inclusive cost. In addition, these events cater to families allowing companies to open the event to a family with or without children easily. Most lines offer experiences and activities specifically to accommodate groups of almost any size with a wide array of fun and exciting activities. From on-board activities like 5-star dining, rock climbing, aqua parks, and spa treatments to off-board fun at various port-of-calls, a corporate cruise meeting gives so many options for memorable experiences.

#2. Inspiring Meeting Venues

Where else can you host a conference or meeting with glorious views of the ocean? Hosting your corporate event on a cruise ship offers a self-contained venue that increases attendance while rewarding attendees for their participation. And while most cruise ship ballrooms can’t be broken out into 20 different meeting areas, the many different areas of the ship provide flexible and inventive options that can’t necessarily be found on land.

#3. They’re Cost-Effective

Cruises offer everything you could need for a meeting or event in one place. No need to worry about paying additional money for catering, transportation, event space or meals—it’s all included in the price. You’ll also get a closer approximation on your total cost because of the price-per-cabin basis. Additionally, many lines are flexible when it comes to negotiating other aspects of the event they might otherwise charge for. Plus, the use of meeting space is complimentary on most cruise lines, which is not necessarily the case at most land-based venues.

If you are looking for a new venue, inspirational surroundings and the potential to save upwards of 30% over land-based meeting events with these all-inclusive options, I would be happy to help. In addition to the per person savings many cruise lines provide conference space for meetings complimentary. As a travel consultant with experience with several cruise lines I would love to work with you as you make your plans for the coming year.

A cruise ship offers a variety of venues for group events, employee recognition, and team gatherings.


Cruise Ships offer a variety of spaces for meetings. Many will provide meeting space as part of an all-inclusive cost or even provide without additional charges. 

The large theatre spaces provide great venues for a keynote address.

Grand Theatre