Carnival Cruise Line

Since Carnival entered the cruise scene in 1972, they have founded 24 new ships dedicated to providing guests with active fun. Prepare to have the time of your life on Carnival’s innovative ships equipped with high tech entertainment facilities and features. Carnival’s "Fun Ships" are floating playgrounds for energetic individuals looking for an adventurous escape. Spend your days sun tanning, swimming, and strolling because aboard Carnival, all you have to worry about is finding time to do everything you want. Prepare to be pampered and entertained every nautical mile of your journey. Allow yourself to relax and experience the sheer bliss of traveling with Carnival. Make sure to leave your watch at home, because there are no schedules aboard Carnival ships. You’ll be met with more choice than you can imagine. With great onboard amenities and an extensive choice of activities you're sure to meet new friends, create lasting memories, and have more fun than you ever thought possible. Get ready to be astonished, amazed, captivated, dazzled, and impressed beyond words by the majestic ports of call Carnival sails to. Be bowled over by the beauty of the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Spread out over acres of white sand beaches, and snorkel along sun-dappled reefs in Hawaii. Savor the cosmopolitan charm of Canada or explore the unspoiled coves of Alaska. If you’re looking for history and culture, let Carnival whisk you away to Europe. Wherever your sense of adventure takes you, Carnival will make sure you have fun every step of the way.

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